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At Loyal Abstract, we are a tech-savvy, client-centric title agency based in Philadelphia, PA. We offer a comprehensive suite of residential and commercial title services across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Understanding that you have options when it comes to title insurance agents, we go the extra mile to earn your trust. Our goal is to provide everything required to close commercial and residential real estate transactions of any size or complexity.

Our mission is to ensure a seamless transaction while safeguarding your property rights.

Collaborating with us means you will experience unparalleled customer service that sets us apart from other Pennsylvania title insurance agents. We represent numerous top-tier carriers and have fostered excellent professional relationships with them.



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The Importance of Title Insurance for Your Property

When purchasing a new home or commercial property, your primary concerns likely revolve around securing the best deal and finalizing the closing date. However, acquiring an owner’s title policy is equally important as it defends your property rights against any residual claims from previous owners.

  • Existing mortgage obligations
  • Unsettled property taxes
  • Liens
  • Lost heirs with possible ownership claims
  • Unidentified easements or rights of way

Given that most property purchases involve mortgages, lenders mandate title policies to secure similar protections against such issues. Amid today’s complexities, ensuring the property you buy has a clear title and obtaining insurance to protect it is vital.

What Is the Cost of Title Insurance?

Pennsylvania maintains uniform title insurance rates, meaning you will pay a consistent rate across various carriers. On a national scale, the average cost for a title policy ranges from 0.5 to 1 percent of the purchase price. This cost is minor compared to the substantial protection and value these policies provide.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania title insurance is an essential investment.

Despite uniform pricing, other factors should influence your choice of a title insurance agent and underwriter. Consider aspects like customer service, local expertise, and overall reputation. Should you need to file a claim, having a high-caliber company by your side is beneficial.

At Loyal Abstract, we prioritize our customers’ needs above all. This commitment means providing necessary services coupled with stellar customer support throughout your journey. We are fully aware that the period around a real estate closing can be hectic and stressful, so we aim to make the process as smooth as possible.

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Types of Title Insurance Title Explained

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Owner’s Title Policies

Owner’s policies provide coverage for your home or commercial property for as long as you or your heirs maintain ownership. They safeguard your rights against potential title issues.

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Lender’s Title Policies

Lender’s policies are secured for the loan amount, protecting their financial stake in the property. The policy’s value reduces in accordance with the loan repayments.

Consult with legal and real estate professionals to understand the advantages of securing an owner’s title policy in addition to the mandatory insurance required by your lender.

What a Title Insurance Policy Can Protect Against

Understanding the scope of title insurance coverage illuminates its importance. Highlighting commonly covered items can quickly clarify their value. The most critical risk covered is the potential claim of ownership by another party due to fraudulent or forged title documents.

Additionally, title insurance offers greater security and peace of mind for you and your heirs.

Other crucial covered items include unpaid real estate taxes by previous owners or liens against the property for unsettled matters such as child support. An owner’s policy can also protect your investment if your property is deemed unmarketable due to a title defect later on.

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Why Choose Us for Your Pennsylvania Title Insurance Needs

We have deep roots in the communities we serve and prioritize your convenience and satisfaction. At Loyal Abstract, we are licensed agents in Pennsylvania with numerous satisfied clients. We are fully equipped to handle title insurance for both residential and commercial properties, regardless of size.

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Comprehensive Owner’s and Lender’s Policies

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Highly Recommended by Previous Clients

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Courteous, Professional, and Dedicated Service

Recognizing that real estate is one of the most significant investments our clients make, we strive to facilitate a seamless and secure closing process. We are here to prioritize your needs and provide answers to your questions at every stage.

Leading Title Insurance Agents in PA

We realize you have options when it comes to title insurance in southeastern Pennsylvania, and we’re committed to earning your trust and business. We pledge to deliver superior customer service. Moreover, you’ll have access to numerous top-tier title insurers through our agency.

If you’ve landed on our site while searching for nearby title companies, you’re in the right place. We’re ready to assist with arranging buyer’s or lender’s policies for any kind of property, whether residential or commercial. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your options and answer any of your questions.

At Loyal Abstract, our mission is to exceed your expectations compared to any other title insurance agent or company. We encourage you to get in touch with us by phone or online today.

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